Prevent Summer Learning Loss with Summer Slugger!

Two girls in a classroom raising their hands.

Together, we are committed to preventing summer learning loss with an engaging and effective resource. Educators, summer program leaders, parents, and anyone looking to support summer learning.

Our Mission

Each summer, students lose critical math and literacy skills, widening the achievement gap and requiring substantial remediation at the start of each school year.

To prevent this "summer slider," EVERFI has partnered with Major League Baseball to develop a continuous and engaging learning experience that prepares students of all backgrounds to enter the next school year on track.

2.6 month of math skills are lost over the summer on average. 2/3 of income-base achievement gap is attributed to summer learning loss by beginning of high school. 6 weeks are spent relearning old material each fall. 75% of U.S. students currently do not participate in summer learning programs.

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