What is A Summer Slugger?

A Summer Slugger is a kid who keeps their head in the game, even when school is out. Check out how this fun, online learning course can help your child start the next school year on track!

Get Started with summer slugger Already A summer slugger?

Play Weekly Series

Each week your child completes 2 series of fun, baseball-themed math and literacy games.

Earn Rewards

Your child can earn trophies and other rewards for making regular progress and hitting meaningful milestones.

Conquer Challenges

Everything is more fun with some challenges. Throughout the course, we challenge your child to do something that gets them off the screen and engaging with summer. They’ll be happy they did it.

I want my child to be a Summer Slugger!

  • First, find your local baseball team’s code

    I have a code I need a code

      If you don’t have a local team, simply register with this code: MLBDigital
  • Then, visit to enter the code and register, using your child’s name and information.

My child is a Summer Slugger!

  • Once your child has gotten started, sign up to receive regular updates on their progress.
  • On the main dashboard of their EverFi user account, click “Add a Parent/Mentor” and enter your email address. This can be accessed by visiting
  • You’ll receive an email to confirm, then will get emails every Friday to let you know how your child is doing!

Tips & Tricks

  • Keep your child motivated to play through rewards of your choice.
  • Team up with other parents and students — your children can compare progress and even compete against each other!
  • Nothing can replace the skills gained from reading. Supplement the course with 1 book per month to keep their reading skills proficient.
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