Offline Resources for Summer Learning Loss Prevention

Summer Slugger is a digital course full of 72 pages and additional challenges. To continue the learning, below you'll find several offline materials and supplements to the course!


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Literacy Syllables

Look at the pictures, say the word out loud, and write the number of syllables.

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Foundational Math

Answer math questions about comparing values, units of measurements, place value rounding, and fractions.

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Literacy and Writing

Practice literacy and writing by adding to sentences, connecting statements, and rewriting stories. 

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Word Search

Use the word bank to find the words that are hidden in the puzzle.

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Use the word bank to fill in the blank squares with the appropriate words.

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Use the grammar definitions fill in the appropriate words to complete the sentences.

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Coloring Sheet

Draw your team’s logo in the circle and color in the rest of the Summer Slugger logo with your team’s colors.

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