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Summer Learning Loss Prevention

What is Summer Slugger?

Summer Slugger is an interactive, game-based course to help students keep their math and literacy skills on track even while not in school. This program is available at no cost to all community-based organizations and schools across the United States and Canada.

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Ready to Use Summer Slugger?

For a greater breakdown of Summer Slugger & how it can be used in your classroom, check out the links below.

Best Practices

Your students can use the course for up to 18 weeks, which allows for enough time to get them started at the end of one school year, playing throughout the summer, and finishing up at the beginning of the next school year. 4th and 5th grade teachers can work together to track only the students in their respective classes.


You can also use this course in a shorter time period by selecting the “Unlocked” version, in which students can play as many games in a row as they’d like.


Track Progress

As an instructor, you’ll be able to track how your students are doing, as a whole and individually, across 20 different math & literacy topics. You can see how much time they have spent playing, what level they’re on, and how many questions they have answered correctly.

Get Started

To get your students signed up, please complete the form below! Review the Course Outline and Curriculum Guide to familiarize yourself with the course structure and topics covered.

Summer Slugger Resources

Build off Summer Slugger with additional resources to keep the learning going!